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Battlefield is a first-person shooter developed by Swedish studio EA DICE. The developer has previous views of the Battlefield series and a couple of other titles. (DICE is known not only great games, but also advanced graphic engines (Frostbite). The main attraction of the Battlefield 4 is a multiplayer mode and of course battlefield 4 cheats & scripts, but the game also includes a solo campaign. Her story is set in the year 2020. You play the role of Reckera, a member of the American special unit known as a Tombstone. Together with us in the "gravediggers" are also Sergeant Dunn, nicknamed "Irish", "Pac" and Ruger. The role of Irisha is played by actor Michael k. Williams, known to a wider audience as a gangster Omar Little from The Wire. Most of the campaign takes place in the territory of the people's Republic of China, and the main goal is to save a few VIPs in Shanghai. Due to the quite serious political friction between Russia, the United States and China but it is not simple and leads to calls by Tombstone global conflict. It is not easy, but with the bf4 cheats & scripts will be easier. The campaign consists of several missions in different sites. The creators have tried to vary the gameplay by introducing tasks with vehicles and dynamic scenes (such as escaping by helicopter). It is essential that the player can choose the equipment and sometimes receives a semblance of freedom of action. You decide about the use of battlefield IV cheats & scripts. Despite this, the game is quite linear and based on scripts. Small addition is the ability to issue simple companions under attack. In a Battlefield 4 there is no cooperative mode, which in the previous installment of the series in General is not checked. This time the developers decided to opt out of it and focused on creating playable and challenging and satisfying multiplayer mode. One of the most important issues concerning the multiplayer is the return of Commander mode. A person who takes on this role, has a big impact on the actions of your team because it designates its members goals and manages the available resources. Among them are, inter alia, vehicles and special awards, awarded for achievements during the game. In this way, the Commander may help your colleagues for an example of using precision fire missiles steered. The gameplay in the role of Commander recalls a little strategy game. At the disposal of the Commander is given the map, through which it can keep track of all this, what's going on in the whole area of the battlefield. In this way, Health 4 you can play using the tablet. In the game there are three playable factions: the United States, Russia and China, and you can play as representative of one of the four character classes: assault, engineer, Scout or specialist support. For example, the engineer was given a rocket launcher grenades and mines, which makes it necessary during clashes with enemy vehicles. Those present in BF4 tons. From helicopters and planes, by tanks and armoured vehicles, boats and. In addition, you can freely modify their appearance and improvements by selecting the main weapon, and an optional and camouflage. Clashes take place on maps of size comparable to the previous series of reads, where the scenery you can during the game. This provides a Battlefield 4 even more than in previous versions of the series of tactical depth and dynamics of the game. In addition, it highlights the opportunity to play in as many as 64 people at a time. Frostbite graphics engine 3 used in the BF 4 is characterized by very precise graphics and realistic physics. The latter makes the rocking trees under the influence of the virtual wind or hitting the sides of the boat waves has been dedicated to reliably. This affects the course of the game - the rough sea makes it difficult to aim, and strong wind causes Exchange fire over greater distances turns out to be inefficient. But with the help of a battlefield 4 cheats & scripts, the exchange of fire would be more precise. Interesting presents water simulation. It means that any bodies of water are set in real time the same Physics for all participants in the fun. If a change in the weather will upset the peaceful surface of the water, the waves will be equal for all participants in the fun. Raise high the wave allows you to hide from enemy fire, and the need to fight the rapids limits the maneuverability of the vehicle. The most characteristic feature of the Frostbite engine 3, however, is impressive, although the skryptowana destruction of the environment. "Levolution", because it covered here, means dynamic map transformation under the influence of specific actions taken by the players. Let the best of this example will use the opportunity to break dams and water all over the town. The fight moves on the upper floors of buildings. OK. You can find here - cheat or script with this some features: aimbot, wallcheat (wh), 3d & 2d radar, no recoil, spread, fog, smoke, sway, other removals, auto-aim, auto-fire, instant kill, visible, distance, fire-delay, esp codes (player, skeleton, walls, names, health), smooth-aim, trigger, triggerbot, colors, trigger-bot, ab and more. bf IV, bf 4, battlefield IV.
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