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Battlefield Hardline (bfh)is the first installment of the subseries belonging to first-person gunfights cycle Battlefield. In contrast to the previous parts, the main role in development was entrusted to the Visceral Games Studio-authors space survival horror Dead Space-and not, as it was previously, the Swedish team EA DICE. Battlefield Hardline abandons the traditional theatre of war to the conflict a different caliber - the police struggle against organised crime. The player takes the role of Nick Mendoza, a young detective from Miami, who embarks on a personal vendetta after the United States, measured against his former partners, where the prospect of get rich quick pulled into the path of lawlessness. The structure of the story is based on the television series. There is a breakdown of the episodes often complete twists. Some enrichment are detective sequences, in which Nick collects material evidence and identifies suspicious. Extra bonus, you can offer your game is battlefield hardline cheats & scripts. It can also take additional orders (e.g. eliminate criminals prosecuted by registered gonczym), to earn extra money and gain experience points needed to purchase weapon upgrades. Battlefield Hardline maps are smaller than in previous versions of the series. Due to the feature site games here is dominated by urban areas, although there are also hotspots embedded for example. on the American deserts. In the game he returned Levolution system that allows a high degree of destruction of the environment, affecting the appearance and shape of the map. So, as in the previous version of the BF, so in this, you can use the bfh cheats & scripts. Creators of the new designed the artificial intelligence of computer opponents, so that when you move the individual missions can go a little differently. BF Hardline is in the present, so the players can take advantage of a sizeable arsenal of modern weapons, equipped with a wide range of tactical accessories. You can also use the available on the battlefield hardline scripts & cheats. The game is also a weapon, which is not regular army. stun, obrzyny or police batons. You can also use a variety of gadgets, the likes of tyrolek or cables with hooks. As in previous versions, and in the Battlefield we find many different vehicles. Players can guide helicopters, combat vehicles, police cars and special units, boats, and even cars and civilian motorcycles. In accordance with the custom of the series, the main emphasis on the multiplayer mode, in which the participants take on the roles of law enforcement officers or criminals. Multiplayer in Battlefield Hardline has new rivalry game. In Heist team of thieves trying to break into a Bank, while the police try to prevent them. Blood Money-a bit like the idea, but with a faster pace of play-puts two teams facing each other in a fight for big money. In the Rescue Squad SWAT must free the kidnapped hostages. Other quite originally presents Hotwire mode. This is a car chase by fleeing bandits - depending on the chosen page, the player must lose the power of order or hunt down the villains. In addition, players can play in traditional modes (e.g.. Team Deathmatch, where on a private server you can use bf hardline scripts & cheats - bfh). The basis for the struggle multiplayer is a collaboration between members of teams representing the four character classes: Operator, Mechanic, Enforcer, and Professional. OK. You can find here - cheat or script with this some features: ESP: chams, name, distance, health, bone, snapline, couch, weapon, camera, type, vehicle, box, explosive, supply, grenade, rocket, pickup, bullet, player, view. AIMBOT: aim key, spot, speed, fov, no recoil, remove sway, auto fire, 1 shot kill. MISC: crosshair, auto knife, warning codes, superjump, minimap, hud, hit indicator, sky, fog and more.
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