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Call of Duty 1 is the first game from the stables of Infinity Ward, a team of experienced professionals, who before they founded his own company, were, inter alia, participation in the process of creating one of the most interesting and the most popular video games (FPS). A game of action/FPS set in World War II. Call of Duty 1 is one of the first games of this type, thanks to which the player has an opportunity to look at the largest armed conflict of the 20th century from several different perspectives (Oh Yes-use also with easy perspective call of duty 1 cheats & scripts that helps you go through the game). Playing the role of an American paratrooper, a British commando or Russian soldier has the opportunity to feel the atmosphere of this historical period-take part in many exciting battles, perform extremely dangerous special tasks, etc. Twenty-four missions consisting of four campaigns on many battlefields of World War II. The game took care of as closely as possible the mapping of the historical realities that period-specifically modeled weapons, vehicles, places, and events. A large variety of tasks, ranging from those requiring discretion for example. sabotage, and the great battles with plenty of infantry and mechanized vehicles ending. Modified and improved three-dimensional graphics engine. The possibility of multiplayer-privately with colleagues using cod1 cheats & scripts. Call of Duty I provides us with a well balanced dose of realistic combat and intense action known war movies. With this game you will meet the battle field from a completely different perspective-the nameless heroes, Allied soldiers, States serial trying to time restore the proper course of modern history. You play as a member of a well trained team, team sheltering each other with fire and assisting the wounded get the wounded to safety. In addition to trained mobility and tactics, each soldier has its own personality and skills that come out during the fight. Or a single soldier or a single State does not win alone of that war (of course, he will win, but you need to use a call of duty 1 scripts & cheats). For the first time, you will learn about the war from multiple pages, through the eyes of American, British and Russian soldiers. The whole game consists of 24 missions divided into 4 interconnected historical campaigns. Tasks in each mission are different: from sabotage and open fighting after the actions behind enemy lines, rescue missions, or even fighting units. cod 1, cod I - OK. You can find here - cheat or script with this some features: aimbot, esp, wallcheat (walls wh), no recoil, many removals codes, radar, no damage, autoshoot, kill stats, also zoom settings and more.
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