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Call of Duty 4 Modern Warfare is another game with the FPS genre, belonging to the bestselling series, originally associated only with World War II. In the case of COD4 MW talented developers from Infinity Ward, however, decided to break with tradition, offering us an armed conflict from the turn of the 20th and 21st centuries. Behind this storm of war is an extreme Russian nationalist named Zakayev, inspiring global terrorism, in order to divert attention from the powers of his attempt to grab power in their homeland. In COD IV accept of course control of various forms of the soldiers involved in such military actions. Hollywood scenario in the single player mode (here, too, you can use the call of duty 4 modern warfare cheats & scripts - not only on the servers) guarantees the players an exciting and diverse fun from beginning to end. COD4 MW was prepared for us the landing of the helicopter UH-60 Black Hawk, operation deep in enemy territory in full camouflage Ghillie Suit type and fire the aircraft AC-130. The various combat missions located in various corners of the globe. We reach on the Middle East, where as a soldier of the American Marines fighting with Islamic terrorists, and we operate on the territory of Eastern Europe, driven by marine Russian civil war. The developers of call of duty IV modern warfare have developed graphic design, Visual innovations bubbling (depth of field, realistic shading, etc..), as well as naturally functioning physical system (for example, the shock wave, created by the explosion, turn over the metal drums and wooden boxes, and even brick walls). Not forgotten the romantic music motifs and evocative sound. Multiplayer mode allows you to play multiple modes (have fun with colleagues using the cod4 mw cheats & scripts), Free for All, Team Deathmatch, Team Objective, whether Team Tactical. A special system upgrade'owania weapons and character classes, as well as the possibility to call in air support in the form of a bombing raid, or helicopter, complete the picture perfect game to play on the network. TAGS: cod4, cod 4, codmw, cod mw, cod IV mw call of duty 4 modern warfare IV - OK. You can find here - cheat or script with this some features: aimbot, esp codes, wallcheat (walls wh), no recoil, many removals, radar, no damage, autoshoot, kill stats, also zoom settings and more.
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