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Call of Duty 5: World at War is another part of a series of popular first-person gunfights. In previous games in the series (except 4) we had the opportunity to visit the Channel Islands villages and towns, taste of life Red Army during the battle of Stalingrad or feel drying ovens Sun North African desert. In cod 5 waw authors change theatres and move the player in a humid climate Asian jungle, and on the eastern front just before the end of the war. In the first case, on one side are the US soldiers and Australian, after the other fanatically devoted to the Emperor, Japanese soldiers. This war is completely different from the one that took place in the West of Europe. Sometimes each of the Islands is a veritable fortress with a network of underground passages, in which fights for every metre of the Earth (the difficult crossing? download call of duty 5 world at war cheats & scripts and the problem). Each Bush can lurk hidden machine-gun position or well-camouflaged bunker. The authors call of duty V world at war not forgotten about Europe. Once again, the player takes on the czerwonoarmiste on the eastern front. Already in the first part of the series we had the opportunity to storm the Reichstag, or Parliament building in the capital of the Third Reich, Berlin. The authors return to theme the final phase of the war, when the fighting underway now in the foreground, and in a later phase in the Centre of the city. For the fifth part of the responding team Treyarch. Similarly, as in the case of the latter, in multiplayer skirmishes (the most common place where you use cod 5 waw cheats & scripts) there were all sorts of vehicles. The greatest progress has been made, however, in campaign mode, in which for the first time in the series we can stand shoulder to shoulder with live peers. Through the Internet, along with three friends, we have the ability to transition the entire plot (I recommend using the call of duty 5 world at war scripts & cheats-will be faster and easier). cod V, OK. You can find here - cheat or script with this some features: aimbot, esp codes, wallcheat (walls wh), no recoil, many removals, radar, no damage, autoshoot, kill stats, also zoom and more.
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