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Call of Duty Black Ops is the seventh (7) edition of the acclaimed FPS-s, which puts on spectacular action. Studio responsible for the game - Treyarch - in addition to the cod bo, has prepared several previous brand. The next edition of the cycle departs from both the climates the first Call of Duty and later, bringing players to the era of the cold war. The entire single player campaign was presented in the form of the hearing of Alex Mason, a trained Commando in the service of the CIA, who is being held by closer to unidentified people. In subsequent stages codbo returns to the mission, in which Mason took part, controlling him or others from his branch. Worthy of mention is that an important role in the new game plays Viktor Reznov, one of the main characters in Call of Duty: Black Ops and, as in the preceding part of the series, travels around the world, visiting among other Viet Nam, or the top of the Urals. Cod Black Ops is primarily a solo campaign, consisting of very spectacular mission, which put players in unusual situations (for unusual situations, we have the Council and these are the call of duty black ops cheats & scripts). In one of the tasks of the * piloting so eliminate enemy outposts and Hind helicopter in the jungle, and in another found on board the aircraft float plane Lockheed SR-71, which we support ground units (informing them of the enemy positions). The missions are based on scripts, so are linear, although on the other hand provide amazing experiences. In most of them we focus only on the shooting, although some also allow you to sneak around and fight. The gameplay itself does not substantially change, although in the game several new weapons, matching more to the era and the realities of the cold war. Players can shoot a crossbow with optical sight, to which there are several types of ammunition (including explosives). Among the other new weapons appear even if the powerful shots of the Dragon's Breath ("breath of the Dragon") to rifles. Opponents, as usual, we meet on the road quite a bit (make it easier to fight with them by applying the codbo cheats & scripts)-this time they are a bit more intelligent. It is worth noting that the developers have applied the system hits in different points of the body (a similar arrangement was used in and in). An important element of the next reads the popular shooter is, of course, a multiplayer mode, where you can play with his friends using call of duty black ops scripts & cheats. The Foundation of fun perks system (skills) and varied weaponry, which allows you to create your own class and unique soldier. In the return game also killstreak (kills in a row), although they are now on different terms (the number is transferred after the death of the character). It is worth noting that in a PC version production restored support for dedicated servers. In addition to the singleplayer campaign and battles on the Web (ograj buddies and follow cod black ops scripts & cheats) in this game there were also Zombie mode. The fight against the undead are turned on both the old and new maps, including inside the Pentagon. Graphics engine the game is heavily modified technology. The authors were trying to make a better physics and limited the destruction of the environment, and create extremely detailed sites. OK. You can find here - cheat or script with this some features: aimbot, esp codes, wallcheat (walls wh), no recoil, kill stats, also zoom settings, many removals, radar, no damage, autoshoot and more.
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