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Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 is the next edition of the popular Call of Duty series is a continuation of events. As soldiers, players try to stop the enemy forces, threatening the security and peace in the world. The decision of Activision, which has the rights to the brand Call of Duty series, developed in parallel in two directions - contemporary and historical. Series Modern Warfare 3, behind which stands the studio Inifity Ward, presents a fictitious events embedded in the very near future. This time to work on the game cod mw3 included were other belonging to Activision Development Studio-Sledgehammer Games and Raven Software. Available call of duty modern warfare 3 cheats & scripts are not fictitious, just like the most real. The creators aim to close the threads of the main characters of the cycle, at the same time enriching the gameplay with new items. Action Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 takes place shortly after the events depicted in the release two years earlier the second part of the game. The writers made sure that the plot of the main campaigns all the time she kept in suspense. In 16 missions, players have the opportunity to visit the Dharmasale (India), New York (USA), London (United Kingdom), Mogadishu (Somalia), Hamburg (Germany), Paris (France), Prague (Czech Republic), Berlin (Germany), Washington (USA) and Dubai (U.A.E.). In the game there are also specific sites, such as the Moscow Kremlin, the castle in the Czech mountains or the aircraft transporting the President of Russia. The creators of the Modern Warfare 3 tried to events can be seen from different perspectives. Thus, players have the opportunity to incorporate in the tanker, the gunner of aircraft AC-130, a soldier's branch of the SAS and Agent Service of the Russian Federation (FOS). In the game there are many familiar characters from the earlier views of the cycle, but also a completely new characters, including even members of the unit Delta Force is a "Frost" and "Sandman". The gameplay in call of duty mw3 is based on the proven solutions known from earlier views of the series. Developers urozmaicili MW3 fun by increasing the available number of weapons and vehicles. Minor changes have also been introduced in the game network which I recommend codmw3 cheats & scripts (of course on private servers). In addition to the typical battles there is a multiplayer mode Spec Ops aimed squarely at the co-operation (although you can also play it himself). It includes the so-called Mission, that is, 16 additional missions of increasing difficulty and Survival to repelling successive waves of opponents (to simplify the game I recommend you use cod mw3 cheats & scripts). Visuals game slightly different from what the team Studio Infinity Ward demonstrated in earlier versions of MW. The third part of the cycle uses a proven graphics engine and 4.0. OK. You can find here - cheat or script with this some features: aimbot, radar, no damage, autoshoot, esp codes, wallcheat (walls wh), kill stats, also zoom settings, no recoil, many removals and more.
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