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Day of Defeat Source (dods) is refreshed Edition of the famous and award-winning fashion. The product originally was built to make a number of modifications in the first part of the H in the year 2003 was the commercial version. Improve the editing described included first of all quality audio-visual binding games, gameplay mechanics were left without significant changes. Action Day of Defeat Source, similarly to its predecessor, set in the realities of World War II. Like other this type of production, to follow two different teams (Allies and Germany)-gain an advantage right from the start and apply the day of defeat source cheats & scripts. Each of the teams composed of soldiers of different specialties, including snipers, machine guns, or ordinary shooters. Tactics for each of these characters is of course a bit different. Representatives of these classes not only must behave on the field of battle, but i have specific equipment, which has a key impact on the course of the subsequent fights. During the walk we will realistically given up weapons. We may also use the dods cheats & scripts. At the disposal of the players was given dozens of different weapons - pistols or rifles (machine and sniper). Duels take place on many different maps. Some of them have already appeared in the previous edition of the game. Authors version of Dod Source however, prepared a few new levels, designed exclusively for this version of Day of Defeat Source. Players can choose between several different modes of play, known from the previous edition of the games (such as Capture the Flag or Destroy the Enemy). Version of Dod Source is characterized by mainly much improved graphics, this item runs on the title graphics engine. Improvements included mainly the appearance of the environment, improved also the physics of the game world. Is also worth mentioning enriched further detailed models of individual soldiers. You can also remind you of the possibility of facilitating the in-game, or day of defeat source scripts & cheats. OK. You can find here - cheat or script with this some features: aimbot ab, speedcheat sh radar, nametags, no damage, autoshoot, minimap, accuracy, esp, wallcheat (walls wh), kill stats, also zoom settings, no recoil, many cf removals and more dods codes.
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