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Day of Defeat (DOD) is the commercial version, published by Activision, the popular fashion for half-life of the same title-in 2001 he even Award site GameSpy "GameSpy's Modification of the Year". The action of this modification was located in the realities of World War II (Western Front-the year 1944) and as it is in popular fashion, allows players to create two teams and fight the battle for control of the map (it's easier to control using the day of defeat cheats & scripts). There are several different game modes, capture an area, defend and beach, destroy the enemy. In front of each other they become teams: Allied and German, each made up of players with different expertise. gunner, Sergeant, a sniper, machine gun operator and soldier support. Representatives of each of these classes perform a different function in a team, use different weapons and other skills. Players can use the wide range of contemporary weapons, including German as: Luger P 08, Mauser KAR 98 k, MP 44 Assualt Rifle or MG42 Machine Gun; and Allied: Colt. 45 inch-Model 1911, Thompson Submachine Gun, Springfield ' 03 Rifle, 30 Caliber Machine Gun and privately, you can use the available dod cheats & scripts. The commercial version of Day of Defeat retains full compatibility with free modem (requires the appropriate patch), however, has been a number of enhancements, including improved balancing game, visual appearance (new textures, character models, weather effects) and audio sounds. The game contains 15 multiplayer maps (something for us and our colleagues, when we play together-we can use the day of defeat scripts & cheats), nine is a brand new, redesigned and six pre-existing maps. Also added the ability to play British soldiers. OK. You can find here - cheat or script with this some features: aimbot ab, speedcheat sh radar, nametags, no damage, autoshoot, minimap, accuracy, esp, wallcheat (walls wh), kill stats, also zoom settings, no recoil, many cf removals and more dod codes.
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