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Grand Theft Auto San Andreas (Gta SA) is another scene of one of the most popular and controversial games of all time, in which the player has the opportunity to incorporate the minor thug, and then creating their own, the criminal biography of yourself to stand at the head of the mafia. This time, we play a man named Carl Johnson, who a few years ago he escaped from his hometown in search of a better tomorrow. After five years, Carl returns to Los Santos, where he finds gangster world of murder, drugs and corruption. However, the dull landscape of this is not the end of bad news; neighborhood in which he grew up looks worse than he remembered it five years ago, and quarrelsome family mourns murdered mother, Carla. At the end of evil, corrupt policemen wrabiaja our hero in the murder. Welcome to California years 90 's. The game world creates a State of San Andreas, along with three cities: Fierro (San Francisco), Las Venturra (Las Vegas) and Los Santos (Los Angeles), between which the player can move. Of course, the city of San Andreas are not only a patchwork of slums, and besides, dirty neighborhoods, metropolitan areas also have rich regions in which they live movie stars, politicians and millionaires. So who is Rob, Carl knows this, and in addition does not have to act alone, because it can recruit people to your gang (solo using grand theft auto san andreas cheats & scripts - as the Council). The possibility of a common drive and hiking our gang, allow you to carry out intense battles with rival gangs (for example, a player leads auto, and this time the other passengers keep competitive fire with machine guns). The same mood of the game is kept in climates years 90-ies, and phenomenal graphics (realistic fog and reflections on the bodywork of cars and realistic shading) and music, turn out to be nothing, to news that have been made to the GTA San Andreas in relation to the previous parts of the series. The largest of these, is arguably the introduction to the hunger factor for our hero. To provide himself as nourishment, however, does not end there, led by the US figure, for example. through excessive obzeranie can put on weight. However, this is not the end of the activities, the extra weight can be shed, by for example. regular visits to the gym and increased dose of sports. Another more realistic game world is more interaction with those in cities. A very important part of the game in the Grand Theft Auto San Andreas (samp) appear to burglary and theft to housing that we need to plan and busily. There are also possibilities of purchasing various premises, which can make money for us (using the gta samp cheats & scripts this is easier). Among them is the casino where we can pass some cash. Each city has a size comparable to the previous parts of the GTA, there is no shortage of so various transport means necessary to crawl hundreds of virtual miles. Typical vehicles such as cars, motorcycles, motorboats, helicopters and airplanes, joined an honest and very useful in the game world. Sam and Carl Johnson, in addition to running and driving car, he can shoot two guns at the same time, as well, which is one of the biggest innovations to the front part of the-swim. Positive experiences associated with visiting the cities of Grand Theft Auto San Andreas, are (not counting the phenomenal graphics) with the intelligence of their people, who react for example. on our unethical behavior in the street, whether challenging us from fat men when przedobrzymy nutrition. The developers of the program, as they provide, to empathize with the climate of each occurring in Grand Theft Auto San Andreas cities, I personally visited them and they moved to the game observed there, the special mental atmosphere. Despite the gangster theme, GTA San Andreas introduces to the story, including elements of humor, which makes it a mandatory position for both fans of the series, and not convinced yet into the world of GTA players. OK. You can find cheat or script with this some features: aimbot, wallcheat (wh), esp codes (player, skeleton, walls, names, health), no recoil, spread, fog, smoke, sway, other removals, auto-aim, auto-fire, instant kill, visible, distance, fire-delay, smooth-aim, ragebot, trigger, triggerbot, 3d & 2d radar, colors, trigger-bot, ab and more.
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