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The sequel to the excellent action/FPP "half-life" from the year 1998. For its creation corresponds to the same manufacturer, which in the case of the first part, IE. the band Valve Software, and the work on the screenplay he participated Marc Laidlaw, the man who largely owe the original storyline ones. This part of the action takes place shortly after the events in which we participated previously and is set in the fictional town of "City 17" located somewhere in Eastern Europe. The city was invaded by hordes of different, alien monsters and aliens (beat them all by using the half life 2 deathmatch cheats & scripts). The player takes on the character of Gordon Freeman (the hero of the original "half-life" is now working for a secret government agency-superior Freeman g-man is), and its task is to offset the aggressors (would you use HL2 DM cheats & scripts). The game will take players through 12 stages of the complex located in various locations, including on the outskirts of the city, "City 17" in prison, in a seaport, and even on board the icebreaker. According to the authors single mode "half-life 2" guarantee a total of 40 hours of gameplay (after about 3-4 hours on each level). During the adventure we come across "old friends", monsters called "Headcrabs", as well as foreign "Xen", but this time, some representatives of the latter will help our hero. A very important role in the game full partner of Freeman, Alyx Vance (character not playable). "Half-life 2" uses a new graphics engine called "Source". The minimum requirements of this enginu a 700 MHz processor and 3D graphics card compatible with the DX6 (Riva TNT), and featured a processor with 2 GHz clock and GeForce4 graphics card. This title also uses a special engine deformation of the environment, similar to that used for the first time in Red Faction, but more advanced, so that almost all the elements of the environment can be damaged or destroyed, and such items as a normal steel grille or a Chair, used as shields or weapons. The work of masters from the band Valve Software, in addition to the game in single player mode, it also allows multiplayer via LAN (with my friends that you can take advantage of the half life 2 deathmatch scripts & cheats) and the Internet. The developers have implemented also the editor "Hammer", allowing the independent creation of mods or maps to play HL2 DM. OK. You can find cheat or script with this some features: aimbot, wallcheat (wh), esp codes (player, skeleton, walls, names, health), no recoil, spread, fog, smoke, sway, other removals, auto-aim, auto-fire, instant kill, visible, distance, fire-delay, smooth-aim, ragebot, trigger, triggerbot, 3d & 2d radar, colors, trigger-bot, ab HL2DM and more.
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