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Halo Online is a kind of spin-off of the famous series of Halo, known primarily among holders of consoles from the Xbox family. This production represents the genre of shooters and network has been prepared primarily for users of PCs-especially those living in the countries of the Eurasian Commonwealth of independent States (Russia and most of the former republics of the Soviet Union). The title has drawn up a studio on m.in account Interactive Saber. working with 343 Industries in the development of Halo: The Master Chief, and also quite successful own shooter TimeShift of the 2007 year. Halo Online functions in a model free from mikroplatnosciami (available halo cheats & scripts do not have to pay). The game was devoid of story campaign, focusing on the fun multiplayer competition. Action were placed in secret at the training centre the UNSC, where soldiers of the Spartan IV develop together your skills by taking part in war games and testing an experimental technology. In the matches involved up to 16 players, the ongoing battle on foot or by vehicles (use halo scripts & cheats). Before the start of the fun we choose a class, but there are also special weapons sclerosis after maps, like the various "power-ups". Equipment-weapons and armors-occurs in many varieties differing in statistics, and, in addition, shall be subject to the far-reaching modifications. Our soldier from match to match, gaining more rank and unlock new opportunities in the form of so-called. "perks"-you can achieve faster using halo cheats & scripts. The arena has been designed from the ground up for Halo Online (not uswiadczymy recycling site with previous games in the Halo series). Micropayments include weapons, armor, and "power-ups" in the market. You should also pay attention to the implementation of the system of daily challenges, specific to the free-to-play games. The game was on a heavily modified engine of Halo 3 and has graphics similar to Halo 4 - in other words, this is a pretty cute production, especially among free FPS-s.
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